• Whitefiredaemon

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    October 14, 2010 by Whitefiredaemon

    I just finished a menu that will allow visitors to jump directly from one building to another in the same category, without having to return to the previous category page. The menu is still a just a fleshed out concept at this point and could really use some cosmetic work. If anyone would like to take it upon themselves to try to make the menu look better, it would be much appreciated. The menu was first added the the Bungalow page, but I am now in the process of adding it to other pages. I am also adding the DPH template to each page under the Houses category and updating the "XP" numbers for each house (they've been changed since I added these numbers originally).

    There's still a lot of information that needs to be added to the site. …

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  • WhiteFireDaemon

    So far, I have been focused on adding content to this wikia project. However, today I noticed that anyone can edit pages on this wikia whether they are logged into the site or not. My current priority for the time being is to see if I can arrange for edits to the site to only be allowed by members who have logged into wikia.

    Being new to the concept of creating a website, I may need some time to figure out the process needed to add this restriction to the site. I personally do not feel it is unreasonable to ask a person to log into the site so that we can keep track of who is making changes, but if you have concerns about this, please either message me or leave a comment on my talk page.

    And "Thank you" to all the users who have taken the…

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