I just finished a menu that will allow visitors to jump directly from one building to another in the same category, without having to return to the previous category page. The menu is still a just a fleshed out concept at this point and could really use some cosmetic work. If anyone would like to take it upon themselves to try to make the menu look better, it would be much appreciated. The menu was first added the the Bungalow page, but I am now in the process of adding it to other pages. I am also adding the DPH template to each page under the Houses category and updating the "XP" numbers for each house (they've been changed since I added these numbers originally).

There's still a lot of information that needs to be added to the site. One of my future goals is to setup individual missions pages that will list all the information for each mission, such as details requirements for starting and finishing the missions. However, in order to setup these mission pages, I will need to learn a little more about advanced templates.

I am looking to get feedback on the site as well. Mainly in regards to the amount of traffic that the site is getting and also anything for which visitors might be looking, but are unable to find on the site at this time. If you can not find something that you would like to have on this site, please let me know and I'll see if we can add the content.

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